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Joseph Ayo Babalola University Library came into being at the onset of the University. It is the nerve centre of the University, established to cater for the learning, teaching, research and other information needs of the University Community. The Library has about 10,000 volumes. These include monographs, reference books, inaugural lectures and journals. The Library also has a collection of newspapers especially The Guardian and Nigerian Tribune. There are also a good number of Christian books for the spiritual development of our users.


The University e-library consists of 20 computers with internet facility thereby exposing the University Community to the world of limitless information. The e-library also has a good number of books and other materials in CD ROM.


Seating Capacity:

The maximum seating capacity of the Library is 400 users at a time.


Arrangement of Books:

The books are catalogued and arranged on the shelve according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.



Our mission is to provide access to learning and research materials both hard and soft content, available worldwide primarily for the use of the staff and students of Joseph Ayo Babalola University and secondarily for the Nigerian educational community. It is also to contribute our quota to the world information resources for the use of all and sundry.




Our vision is to be one of the best academic libraries in Nigeria serving the information and educational need of Joseph Ayo Babablola University community, the Nigerian educational sector and the world at large.


Every user is expected to register in the Library to enable him/her to use the Library resources. At registration, a user is issued a Library Card, which must be produced at the entrance before one can enter the Library. In addition, 4 borrower’s tickets are issued to every undergraduate. These will enable the holder to borrow 4 books at a time. Academic and Senior Staff are issued 10 borrower’s tickets. These Cards are given free of charge to the users. Replacements of any of them on account of loss or mutilation will attract a fine of N200




1. All Library Users, staff and students, must register before they can use the Library resources.


2. All Library Users, staff and students, must produce valid and current Library Card to enter the library.


3. Only registered users can borrow books from the Library


4. All borrowed books must be returned or renewed on the date due


5. Fine for overdue books is N20.00 for each book per day for staff and N10.00 per day for students.


6. Replacement of lost or mutilated Library Card or Borrowers’ Ticket
costs N200.00.


7. Mobile phones must be switched off in the Library. Any phone not switched off, but rings in the Library will be confiscated.


8. Eating and drinking inside the Library is prohibited.


9. All Library Users must sign the Users’ Register as they come in and go out of the Library.


10. All Library Users and Library Staff must submit themselves for checking at the porters’ lodge before they go out of the Library.


10. Bags, Umbrellas, etc. must be deposited at the place designated for them at the porters’ Lodge.


11. Walkman radio, MP3 and other music centers are not allowed in
the Library. They will be confiscated if found.


12. Library Users and staff are expected to maintain silence in the


13. Shoes with noise making soles are not allowed in the Library.


14. Use of personal books to reserve seats are not allowed. They will be confiscated if found.


Opening Hours


Semester Time:
Monday to Friday: 8.00 9.30 p.m
Saturday: 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m


The Library is closed on Sundays and during University approved religious activities.


Inter-Semester Break.
Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m
Saturday & Sunday Closed




Porter’s Lodge


  • Manning the entrance and exit areas of the library and ensuring the safety and security of the library resources


 Circulation Section


  • Registration of and issuing of Library Card to staff and students


 Charging and discharging of Library materials


  • Collecting overdue fines and charges


  • Clearing and issuing clearance certificates to graduating students and departing staff members


  • In charge of book reservation for users.


  • Responsible for inter- Library loan.


  • Making for photocopies of Library materials for all users from within and outside the University.


  • Keeping Library Statistics


  • Shelving of returned and consulted books


  • Conducting orientation programme for new Library Users


Reference Section


  • Answering reference queries.
  • Indexing and abstracting
  • Compiling bibliographies
  • Instructing users on how to use the Library.



Serials Section


  • Processing of Journals
  • Keeping records of all journal holding
  • Keeping statistics of all journals consulted
  • Shelving of consulted journals


 Cataloguing Section

Cataloguing and classification of Library books

  • Production of the catalogue cards
  • Filing catalogue cards and maintaining the public card catalogue

Other Facilities:
*Binding (Spiral)

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Our Address, Main Campus:
Joseph Ayo Babalola University
P.M.B. 5006, Ilesa
Osun State
Lagos Office:
No. 50, Ikorodu Road,
Lagos State

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